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At Insureline, we do more than just connect clients with the right coverage—we also work with a network of professionals to make protecting their investments easier. Our connections to mortgage brokers, realtors, and law offices help clients streamline the mortgage process when they purchase home insurance through us.

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Who Do We Partner With?

Mortgage Broker Partnerships

Buying a home almost always means getting a mortgage, and you can’t get approved for a mortgage without having home insurance in place. Many prospective home buyers find the process of searching for appropriate home insurance coverage complicated and time-consuming, but Insureline can help.

Mortgage brokers who partner with us can refer their clients directly to Insureline, letting us take care of finding them the best possible policies. Clients simply give consent for the mortgage broker to send us their information so we can look through our network of providers and find cost-effective options suitable for their needs. This saves work for the clients, adding value to their experience with the mortgage broker and making the process of getting their mortgage easier.

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Realtors Partnerships

Many home buyers have no plans for buying home insurance when they approach a realtor—but they’ll need to have insurance in place before they can move forward with buying a home. That’s why the realtors we work with can refer their clients directly to us, simplifying their search and providing extra value by saving time.

We use our network of providers to find the best possible home insurance options for clients who come to us via our realtor partnerships. The clients get a quote without having to jump through tons of hoops, and the realtors gain a reputation for providing a better customer experience—everyone wins.

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Law Office Partnerships

Home buyers need to prove to lenders that they have adequate home insurance coverage in place before they can take possession of their new property. Instead of relying on clients to provide that documentation directly, the law offices we work with can rely on us to supply that proof on the client’s behalf, simplifying the process and reducing the potential for errors.

Law offices who get their clients quotes on home insurance from Insureline receive the client’s certificate of coverage directly from us, so that they can take it to the lender and complete the home-buying process more easily. That’s the kind of support you can literally take to the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insureline Provide Referral Fees?

We provide referral fees to mortgage brokers and realtors who partner with us. For more details on how these fees are structured, contact us and speak with a member of our team.

No—we don’t charge fees for mortgage brokers, realtors, or law offices who want to be affiliated with Insureline. Your clients benefit from buying great home insurance coverage more easily, you benefit from providing a better experience to them, and we benefit from their business. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, a realtor, or representing a law office, Insureline helps you provide more value to your clients. Mortgage brokers and realtors can make finding and buying a policy easier for their clients by pitching our services to them and providing us with enough details to offer them a free quote on coverage that will meet their needs. Law offices can streamline the documentation process by getting a certificate of coverage directly from us instead of relying on the client for it. Simply put: we help you take care of your client so they have a better experience working with you.

Partnering with us is easy—just fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your application as soon as possible. We’ll ask some follow-up questions about your business and provide you with details on how to offer our services to your clients for results that benefit everyone.

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